Greater Birmingham Bead Society

About us

Our goal since the inception of the GBBS  has been to meet and network with other like-minded jewelry artists while encouraging a wide variety of creative jewelry skills. 

Among our members, we are fortunate to have beaders with an amazing grasp of color combination and design, seed beaders whose work is astoundingly intricate, lampwork artists with a passion to create, clay artists whose beads and pendants will make you wonder...HOW...and artists keeping alive the ancient arts of wire wrapping and chain maille.

The Greater Birmingham Bead Society is governed by a slate of officers and the Executive Board.  Our Society also benefits from the generosity of numerous volunteer committee chairpersons who are an integral part of our Society and assist the officers and the Executive Board throughout the year. 


President  ~ Anita Britt 

Vice President  ~  Kelly Gamble

Secretary  ~  Alice Bailey

Treasurer  ~  Robbie McCoy

Past President  ~  Serene Johnson

Member at Large ~ Violetta Tchernova

Newsletter Editor & Membership Chair ~ Judi Wild

Hospitality Coordinator ~ Althea Young

Co-Founder ~ Judi Wild

Co-Founder ~ Rachel Stewart

The Greater Birmingham Bead Society is a wonderful group of women -- and men -- who are making the world a better and more beautiful place...  


     "Stringing Artists Together...

                                   One Bead at a Time."