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"KP" Targe is a newcomer to our State of Alabama, and boy, are we delighted.  She mastered her craft of free-form, three-dimensional, and structural seed beading while living in Alaska.  We are thrilled to have such an amazing talent as one of our valued GBBS members.   I hope you can truly enjoy the photos to the right to appreciate the intricacies of KP's artform. 



Rachel Stewart is one of the co-founders of the Greater Birmingham Bead SocietyShe has served as its President and continues to work with the group as a Special Advisor. 

 After a recent relocation, she is now a Tennessee-based jewelry designer who uses a variety of techniques and components to create exquisite and unique, heirloom-quality pieces of wearable art.  She hand selects all the materials to guarantee a superior, quality-finished product. 

View more of Rachel's beautiful works of art on her website: 

Seed Beading at its Best!!!